• Welcome to Miss Hiatt's Kindergarten classroom page!

    I am thrilled to be your child's teacher for this school year!  I am so excited to learn all of the special things that make him/her such a unique individual.  We will have loads of fun this year as we learn alongside our friends. Please view our daily classroom schedule below:


    7:30-7:50        Arrival, Morning Procedures

    7:50-8:05        Community Circle

    8:05-9:35        Reading Workshop

    9:35-10:30       Writing

    10:30-11:25     Lunch/Recess

    11:25-12:10     Math Workshop

    12:10-12:55     Specials

    12:55-1:30       Math Workshop

    1:30-1:55         Inquiry

    1:55-2:10         Recess

    2:25-2:35         Community Circle Reflection

    2:35                 Dismissal    



    What Our Day Looks Like

    Language & Word Study: Our language block focuses on reading comprehension and skills. This often includes interactive read-alouds and shared reading with lots of teacher modeling and student practice.  The word study block provides students many opportunities to investigate and understand patterns we see in words.  Students will build their word knowledge, abilities in phonics, word recognition, and vocabulary.   

    Reader’s Workshop: This emphasizes the interaction between our classroom readers and various texts. The students will be exploring many different genres and authors.  The readers will learn different reading strategies, learn how to ask questions about the text, and make connections using prior knowledge. Our reader's workshop focuses on students' independence but it also includes teacher conferences, peer reading, and small teacher-led reading groups.

    Writer’s Workshop: This method of writing instruction focuses on the teacher being the mentor author (modeling writing techniques) and conferring with students as they try out their hand with the writing techniques they learned.  This is taught with a mini-lesson at the beginning of a workshop while the teacher models, then the students are given the chance to actively write independently.

    Specials: Students will rotate through a 4-day specials rotation: Technology, Art, Music, and PE.

    Math: Everyday Mathematics curriculum includes the following components: Real-life problem solving, balanced instruction, multiple opportunities for basic skills practice, emphasis on communication, home/school partnerships (homework), and appropriate use of technology.  Lessons are whole-class instruction but I also incorporate small-group, partner, technolgy, and independent work. 

    Inquiry: We participate in Purposeful Play through a series of rotations such as: art, building, kitchen/dramatic play, and puzzles.

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