NEMS Counseling Department

    An Individualized Counseling Experience  At NEMS, the Counselors are here to help make the best Middle School experience for you and your child.  All Counselors are assigned to a graduation year cohort of students and works with this group of students all three years of Middle School. We believe that this promotes the best atmosphere of advocacy for our students as well as allows the Counselor to remain a constant as the student grows through the middle years. We encourage you to explore the Helpful Websites section as well as What to Expect Guides for 6th, 7th and 8th Grades
    Atmosphere of Teamwork   Each Counselor works with an Assistant Principal to support a grade level of teachers and students. Counselors meet with teachers weekly during team meeting time to review student concerns, brainstorm behavioral interventions and to also meet with parents.  Counselors also work with Special Education teachers and families during case conferences and meetings.
    Proactive Counseling and Classroom Counseling Sessions   Gone are the days of School Counselors taking a reactionary approach to student concerns and personal/social issues. School Counselors conduct classroom guidance lessons throughout the school year which focus on various career, academic and personal social issues. At NEMS, Counselors follow the American School Counselor Association National Model: A Framework for School Counseling.  School Counselors stay at the pulse of current preteen and teen issues through various professional development opportunities as well as staying involved with school activities and events. 
    NEMS Counseling Initiatives: Counselors at NEMS partner with the Department of Education, Learn More Indiana and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to disseminate key information related to College Planning and Career Exploration throughout the year. Students participate in College Go Week activities in the Fall and Cash for College month activities in the Spring. 
    Counselor for Class of 2028: Jenn Schott   Webpage      Email     Telephone: (317) 773-0782 ext. 16127
    Counselor for Class of 2027: Drinan George   Webpage      Email    Telephone: (317) 773-0782 ext. 16126
    Counselor for Class of 2029: Dana Nelson   Webpage    Email    Telephone: (317) 773-0782 ext. 16125
    School Social Worker: Jane Sanders    Webpage  Email