School Psychology Department


     HBM School Psychologists are an integral part of the education system. Their responsibilities include the following:

    1. School psychologists utilize their knowledge of data-based decision making and accountability, diversity in development and learning, as well as research and program evaluation to assist staff with effective decision making regarding student needs.
    2. School psychologists utilize their knowledge of intervention and instructional support, mental health, prevention, and response to assist with the development and delivery of services to students to improve learning and student outcomes.
    3. School psychologists utilize their knowledge of school-wide practices to promote learning as well as consultation and collaboration to assist staff in creating and maintaining effective learning environments.
    4. School psychologists develop and sustain professional involvement and leadership to ensure the continued learning and effective school psychological services to schools, families, and students.

    HBM School Psychologists are assigned to individual buildings and/or program and can be contacted at the schools where they are assigned:


     List of Staff and assignments:

    To find a Psychologist in a specific school, please contact Hamilton Boone Madision at (317) 773-2134.

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