• Occupational & Physical Therapy Department


    The occupational therapists and physical therapists provide services to students who meet eligibility criteria for special education.  Occupational therapy and physical therapy in the school setting are both considered related services, which means the services may be required to enable a student to benefit from his or her educational programming. 


    Therapy services in the school setting differ from services in medically-based clinics.  Therapists may provide consultation, direct treatment, or training of parents and school staff.  Delivery of these services may be provided in whole class, small group, or individual treatment in a variety of settings.  Consideration of a child’s performance includes skills in the classroom (including specials such as art, music, PE, or technology), stairs, playground, and cafeteria settings. 


    Occupational Therapy in the school setting could include the following:

    • Supporting classroom fine motor participation
    • Facilitating self-help skill acquisition
    • Implement sensory processing strategies as appropriate
    • Collaborate with staff regarding pre-vocational or vocational needs


    Physical Therapy in the school setting could include the following:

    • Supporting a child’s ability to navigate the school environment, which includes traveling throughout the school building or functional sitting/positioning in the classroom
    • Modifying equipment and/or the physical environment to enhance student performance
    • Promoting student access to large motor activities at school, including the playground
    • Educating staff about medical precautions that could affect a child’s ability to physically participate in school


    If you have further questions about therapy services in the school setting, contact your child’s teacher of record, or your school’s therapist:
    OT Name & Building(s)
    PT Name & District(s)

    • Carrie Cooley, PT, MPT - Hinkle Creek El, White River El, Noblesville East, Noblesville HS
    • Debbie Hunley, MSPT, PCS - Hazel Dell El, Noble Crossing El, North El, Promise Rd El, Stony Creek El, Noblesville West MS, Lapel EL, Lapel MS, Lapel HS, ECAT
    • Theresa Fadale - Hamilton Heights Primary School, Hamilton Heights EL, Hamilton Heights MS, Hamilton Heights HS, Frankton El, Frankton Jr/Sr HS, Lapel HS, all Sheridan Schools, All South Madison Schools