• MOSAICS Program


    Our school provides a nurturing and responsive environment for students in the Hamilton-Boone-Madison Special Services Cooperative.  We are committed to providing opportunities for those students who are not experiencing success in their home school setting.  Our goal is to provide all students with the chance to experience success academically and behaviorally.   Our vision is to help students to develop the skills needed to cope with the obstacles that have hindered their educational progress.  The steps it may take to accomplish this task will vary.  Our program will provide a variety of support services to all students to increase their interest in becoming functional, contributing members of the community.




    This program has two main goals.  The first is to serve students who are unable to function in their home school setting educationally.  The second is to transition students back into their home schools when they have taken the necessary steps to achieve their academic and behavioral goals.

    A positive, caring staff employs effective communication skills, models mature adult behavior and communicates high expectations.  A general behavior management program is implemented to provide uniform structure and positive reinforcement for all students in the program.  Individualized behavior management plans are developed for each student when necessary.  Students participate in whole group instruction which is a blend of academic and vocational education, behavior management, interpersonal relationships and affective education.  Our program attempts to fulfill each student’s need for affection, appreciation, acceptance and attention.  Our goal is to assist students in developing awareness, and the ability to control and direct the resources needed to accomplish the required life tasks.



    • Small Structured Environment 
    • Emphasize support and encouragement
    • Close working relationships between students and staff
    • Opportunities for experiential learning activities
    • Flexibility to meet individual needs
    • School Jobs
    • PE
    • Careful reintegration to home schools




    MOSAICS School provides a special educational curriculum for students who have difficulty functioning in school due to problems at school and/or in the students’ lives.  It provides a setting to enhance the students’ ability to accept responsibility for their learning.  The goal is to provide integration throughout our curriculum to allow students to see the purpose for learning and connections with the real world.  Our goal is for each student to experience success. 




    Critical thinking skills and real world connections to students’ lives are emphasized in individualized classes.  A full range of academic subjects are offered for students to achieve credits toward graduation through group instruction as well as through a web based computer program.




    Career awareness, job-seeking strategies, and employability skills are targeted via cooperation with community agencies and businesses.  Students may have opportunities to obtain jobs within the community with support from job coaches as needed.




    Adaptive behavior instruction is designed to teach the student social adjustment skills.  Students are provided positive and successful experiences to enhance self-esteem and motivation.  Students are given opportunities to learn a variety of productive ways of coping with daily situations which may be stressful and to more fully implement an adaptive behavior program within the students’ total life experiences.  We focus on the behaviors, attitudes and/or skills that high-risk students often lack or inappropriately express.      

    They may include impulsive behavior, responsibility, attention span, interpersonal skills, values, role in society, self-concept, life skills and feelings, as well as maintaining and acquiring needed academic and vocational skills.