Noblesville High School Counseling Office

    Announcement: Scheduling information for the 23-24 school year has been shared with all students through Canvas and all parents through Parent Square. 

    School Counselors will meet with every student individually to review graduation requirements and course requests for next school year.  Our scheduling timeline is as follows:

    Class of 2024: Week of January 23

    Class of 2025: Week of January 30

    Class of 2026: Week of February

    Make-up Window: February 13-24
    Because we are only entering requests, all students will have equal opportunity to select courses, and the order we meet with students will have no impact on their ability to select a course.
    The NHS Curriculum and Planning Guide houses all course information and course descriptions.
    Please click here to review the  NHS Scheduling Module in Canvas.
    NHS Counseling
        Main Campus Phone: (317) 776 - 6257 
    Main Campus Fax: (317) 776 - 6292
             Office Hours: Mon-Fri from 7:45am - 4:00pm.
    Please hover over "Counseling" in the banner to navigate through the NHS Counseling website.
            2021-2022 Counselor Assignments (Grades 9-12)
    Last Names A-Bun:
    Laney Buergelin
    (317) 773-4680 Ext. 12138
    Last Names Buo-Dor:
    Allison Huey
    (317) 773-4680 Ext. 12157
    Last Names Dos-Ham:
    Kristen Wilson-Frank
    (317) 773-4680 Ext. 12126 
    Last Names Han-Kei:
    Craig Spinner
    (317) 773-4680 Ext. 12128
    Last Names Kel-Men:
    Brooke Brooks
    (317) 773-4680 Ext. 12135
    Last Names Meo-Pro:
    Sally Bosse
    (317) 773-4680 Ext. 12158
    Last Names Prp-Sma:
    Cosette Fehribach
    (317) 773-4680 Ext. 12159
    Last Names Smi-Wen:
    Sarah Kjeldsen
    (317) 773-4680 Ext.  
    Last Names Weo-Wy:
    Maggie Schwartzkopf
    (Director of Counseling)
    (317) 773-4680 Ext. 12136 
    Last Names X-Z & ELL:
    Kristin Hetzel
    (Director of Counseling)
    (317) 773-4680 ext. 12125 

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