• Noblesville High School Internship Program

    Through internships at Noblesville High School, students discover their passions, confidence, and voice in a real-world context.

    Business looking to participate in the internship program? 

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    Why Intern?
    Students who are exposed to careers while in high school are more successful in post- secondary goals. Betterhighschools.org

    Internships introduce students to the habits and value of work, while making connections between academic learning and its real world application. (2010 report by the National Academy Foundation, “Preparing Youth for Life: The Gold Standards for High School Internships)


    Upon entering the internship program, students are expected to:
    • Communicate clearly in both writing and verbal exchanges
    • Collaborate within a team setting
    • Possess aptitude with a variety of technologies (word processing, spreadsheets, email, digital devices)
    • Possess time and self-management skills
    • Employ reasoning and problem-solving skill
    • Over the course of their internship, students will be able to:
    • Apply academic knowledge in a professional setting
    • Improve creativity and innovation
    • Improve workplace problem-solving skills
    • Improve communication and collaboration skills
    • Improve workplace technology skills
    • Engage in continual self-reflection

    Upon exiting the internship program, students will be able to:
    • Develop professionally relevant competencies in a specific professional setting
    • Articulate the type of postsecondary education and training required in their career field
    • Demonstrate competency in workplace professionalism and ethics including but not limited to: integrity, collegiality, adaptability, politeness,
    team work, time management, initiative and self-management, and workplace culture