• Mr. Leach's Wellness Class
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    The NEMS Wellness program provides students with opportunities to enhance individual physical fitness, participate in lifetime and fitness activities, and learn about various health topics.

    Wellness is a Pass or Fail class. There are four categories that make up the students grades:
    • Participation (40%)

    • Class Preparedness (30%)
    • Fitness Tests (10%)
    • Health (20%)

    Participation is 40% of the final grade. Students receive 48 participation points for each 9 weeks that may be deducted for lack of effort or non-participation.

    Class Preparedness
     is 30% of the final grade.  Students receive 48 class preparedness points for each 9 weeks.  Students are required to wear specified clothing 
    (includes plain grey, gold or black shirt and black shorts), and footwear appropriate for physical activity.  Points will be deducted from the students’ grade if not prepared with these items.

    Fitness Tests are 10% of the final grade.  Students complete four fitness tests each quarter for 20 points total.  Students record and track scores for individual fitness tests, which are the students’ results, not their grade. 

    Health is 20% of the final grade. Students participate in health lessons and activities each quarter.  Points earned in Health are based on worksheets/health magazines, tests and individual and group participation.


    Inappropriate behavior and actions such as chewing gum, wearing jewelry, tardiness, and other discipline issues will be documented and followed up with your parent (s) and the administrative office.