Ms. Thompson's Classroom
         Welcome to  Language Arts and Social Studies! 
    Noblesville has adopted Springboard as our curriculum. We will also supplement with  yellow Literature book, Jr. Great books and other novels. 
    To access the Yellow Language Arts textbook on-line, please go to the following website: 

    and enter the following information: 
    Username: nems12
    Password: nems12 
    Social Studies
    Students will read various informational texts from "Western World" and "History Alive." They will also participate in current events through CNN Student News and various articles. 
    Students are expected to read a novel every 4 weeks. All students are expected to use the R.A.C.E. strategy when answering questions.
            R.A.C.E. Strategy                                                         Example: How do wild animals suffer when kept as pets?
    R=restate the question as a statement                                       Wild animals do suffer when kept as pets.
    A=answer by stating your claim                                                I believe this because animals are often kept in cages or become sick.
    C=cite evidence from the text to support your claim                On page 905, it state, "If they survive, they may languish in cramped backyard cages. More often, they become sick or die because their owners are unable to care for them properly. 
     E=explain how your evidence supports your claim                  Based on this evidence, animals do suffer when they are kept as pets. It is not fair to keep them in cages
     that are too small because their owners may not have the room for them. Nor is it fair to have owners that do not know how to care for them. These owners may not have the money or be able to provide the medical treatments these animals needThis could lead to an early death for the animal.

      Social Studies

    Wisconsin Schedule 2015-2016:
    7:35-8:40           Period 1
    8:43-9:45           Period 2
    9:48-10:50         Period 3
    10:53-11:55       Period 4
    11:55-12:25       Lunch   
    12:30-1:10         Diversified Arts/Wellness
    1:15-1:55           Diversified Arts/Wellness
    2:00-2:30           Student Learning Time (SLT)
    2:35                     Dismissal
     The Miller Way
    This year, students have been introduced to a school wide initiative called "The Miller Way."  Its purpose is to teach students the appropriate ways of interacting in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, restrooms, and on buses.  There are three main components to this way of thinking and behaving: Be Ready, Be Responsible and Safe and Be Respectful.  Parents are encouraged to have conversations with their students regarding this new philosophy.
    Four Square Writing
    Four Square Writing is a writing technique (graphic organizer) that will allow students to develop a five paragraph essay that includes an introduction, transition words, details and a conclusion.
    *Grading Practices:  My grades will be based on total points. By the end of the grading period, tests, quizzes and in-class assessments will account for 70-75% of a student's grade, and the remaining 25-30% will be based on homework and various in-class activities.
             If a student is missing an assignment it will be marked with an “M” for “Missing”  and entered as a "0" in Powerschool to draw attention to it. Parents will be contacted after the second missing assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to follow through with any missing work.