• Mrs. Hamilton's Classroom

    Hi there! I will be teaching 6th grade Language Arts on the DePauw team at NEMS and I am the DePeuw team leader. I believe in creating an environment for success through respect. I love getting to know my students each year and creating a strong bond. Getting to know your child allows me to better understand him/her. I am in contact with parents often. I will email, when needed, with updates from the classroom, news, or general information, etc. We cannot wait to have you or your child join us on the DePauw team! 
    Be sure you also check out my Canvas page for assignments.  
    Daily Schedule
    7:35-8:36 Period One
    8:41- 9:42 Period Two
    9:47-10:48 Period Three (Bridges math classes meet w/Mrs. Gormal)
    10:53-11:55 Period Four (Bridges ELA classes meet w/me)
    11:55-12:25 Lunch
    12:30-1:10  Diversified Arts/Performing Arts/Intervention #1
    1:15-1:55 Diversified Arts/Performing Arts/Intervention #2
    2:00-2:35 SLT 

    Grading Policy 
    Grades are reported as soon as they are available. The scores for homework, in-class practice, and quizzes will appear in Powerschool quickly after they are collected. The scores for papers, large tests, and projects will appear in Powerschool a few days/weeks after they are collected. Your patience is appreciated during these grading windows. 
    If a student is missing an assignment,  the comment "missing" and possibly a zero score,  will appear in Powerschool until the assignment is submitted. Be aware that if a student never turns the assignment in a score of zero will then be entered. The zero will skew the student's grade until the missing work is submitted, graded, and updated.
    If a student submits a late assignment, the assignment will be marked in the gradebook as such.  The score will be indicated by the comment "late" which will appear next to the assignment in Powerschool.
    Grading Scale 
    100%-90% A
    89%-80% B
    79%-70% C
    69%-60% D
    Anything less than a 60 is an F 
    Please contact Mrs. Hamilton at 773-0782 ext. 16221 for all questions.
    Thank you.