• Mrs. Pinkerton's Classroom
    I want to welcome you to our classroom website! I am really looking forward to getting to know each and every one of my students this year! As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions! I am excited to begin this new school year here at NEMS! Our daily schedule is as follows:
    Period 1:         7:35-8:40
    Period 2:         8:43-9:45
    Period 3:         9:48-10:50
    Period 4:        10:53-11:55
    Lunch:           11:55-12:25
    Related Arts: 12:30-1:10
    Related Arts: 1:15-1:55
    SLT:              2:00- 2:35
    Science class is designed to help students begin to develop the basic skills a scientist might experience and need to be successful. Important note-booking skills, deep/close reading, appropriate amounts of writing, lots of discussion, and lab applications will be the major plan for the year.   Activities will focus on such topics as scientific method, basics of investigative science (inquiry), introductions to matter and states of matter, basic forms of energy, structure of our solar system, the interactions of life on the planet, and how nature utilizes energy in the world. In addition, various applications of “non-science” areas (math, history, technology, etc.), and connections that are important in the overall study of science will be included.  NEMS/NWMS Science tries to emphasize the many important acts and concepts relating to all living and non-living things and their place in our world.  Students will work to increase scientific literacy through reading comprehension, writing strategies, and a wide variety of content oriented methods.  Appropriate lab activities and/or projects will be tied directly to the curriculum. 
    ACTIVITIES IN SCIENCE CLASS Major units of study for the 6th grade curriculum Science Skills (metrics, graphs, etc.) Scientific Method States of Matter Forms of Energy Our Solar System Natural Biological Systems Ecosystem Structure and Function
 Students will/may do the following: -Text readings/Notes/Discussion -Scientific methodology -Lab work -Computer simulations -Technology applications involving      data collection/analysis, graphing -In-class research, problem solving,      general studies -Current events and topical readings -A wide variety of assessments -Writing activities on a regular basis -Technology based studies/project Our science curriculum will be supported through the text, Interactive Science by Prentice Hall. • www.pearsonsuccessnet.com
    Grading Practices  
    •Grades are posted as soon as possible. These are based on total points with class assessments, quizzes and tests weighing more than homework assignments. • If a student is missing an assignment due to not turning it in or completing it, no score or a zero will appear. Efforts will be made to have the student get the assignment complete. Parent will be notified if non-compliance continues.  Continual non-compliance will result in a referral to the office.