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    The Noblesville West Middle School Choral Music Department is dedicated to providing high quality training for our students by highly qualified teachers and clinicians. Our performers focus on vocal technique, performance skills, and life-changing skills through specifically tailored classes and training. Noblesville West Middle School Choral Music Department believes that by achieving excellence in the performing arts, students can and will strive for excellence in all areas. For this reason, the Noblesville West Middle School Choral Music Department is committed to making the productions at West Engaging, Inspiring, Empowering, and most of all, Entertaining.

     The 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Choirs are broken into two periods that meet during the school day.  



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    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    NWMS Main Gym

    6th Grade/Show Choir @ 6:30pm

    7/8th Grade Choir @ 7:30pm

    **Students should report to assigned rooms 15 minutes prior to concert time.**




    Course Description

    Choir is a yearlong course.  We have a total of 3-4 performances throughout the year - *Fall, Winter, & Spring Concerts, plus ISSMA Contest in March.  We sing a varied repertoire of music, ranging from classical to pop to Broadway to spirituals and even songs in other languages!  We also do some choreography (dancing)!  Students who are in both Choir and Band/Orchestra will attend Band/Orchestra 3 times a week, and Choir 2 times a week.  

    Grading Practices

    Performances/Projects - 30%

    Rehearsal Technique:  30%

    Written or other Assignments:  20%

    Tests/Quizzes/Virtual Assignments - 20%

    Choir Room Rules & Expectations

    • Students will respect their peers, director, support staff, and the property of the NWMS Performing Arts Department.
    • Students will fully participate in all choir activities.
    • Students will not chew gum during class. There is also no food, candy, or drinks other than water allowed in the choir room.
    • Students will come to class on time and be ready to begin class when the bell rings. This includes using the restroom BEFORE coming to class.
    • Students will come to class prepared with all necessary materials: iPad, Mask, Water Bottle (optional)
    • Students will put their cell phones away during class and will follow all iPad guidelines.
    • Students will follow all other school policies as they are outlined in the student handbook.


    Choir Newsletters

    All Parent communciation and newsletters will be done through the ParentSquare App.


    Choir Concert Dates

    8/15/23 Fundraiser Kick off

    8/29/23 Fundraiser Forms Due

    9/19/23 Fundraiser Delivery Week

    9/29/23 Fall Choir Concert (Friday)

    TBA Winter Choir Concert

    2/3/24 ISSMA Piano/Vocal Solo Ensemble Contest  (optional)

    3/9/24 ISSMA Organizational Contest Week #1 

    4/??/24 Show Choir Auditions

    TBA Spring Choir Concert





    Let's Get Connected

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    Instructor Name 
    Mr. Alex Axsom

    Preferred Contact Method

    Alternate Contact Methods
    317-776-7792 ext. 18275





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