• Business and Information Technology
    Grades 6, 7, and 8 
    "Business and industry surveys indicate that economic survival in the current century will demand that students know and understand both fundamental and technical concepts of business as well as possess the ability to execute these concepts in nearly any setting. All people, regardless of age, gender, and career aspirations, can benefit from participating in business education.
    Today's global society challenges the talents and imaginations of Indiana's diverse student population. Like never before, they face a competitive environment that demands creative, innovative, market-driven solutions to new problems and new opportunities. Graduates of secondary and post-secondary schools must be prepared to understand the needs and demands of others, to analyze rapidly changing events, and to formulate responsive, rational, and proactive approaches to decision making."
    -Indiana Department of Education

    BIT Course Descriptions

    For the 2023-2024 school year, the Business and Information Technology (BIT) classes at NWMS are driven on the philosophies discussed above. Throughout their time at NWMS, students will be engaged in BIT courses as they progress through the grade levels. Below you will find grade-level descriptions of what will take place:

    6th Grade BIT

    In 6th grade Business and Information Technology, students will explore computer science (commonly referred to as coding). Using a nationally recognized coding curriculum, Code.org,  students will learn fundamental programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Students will begin to view websites as a tool for personal expression through creation, rather than consumption. We then transition into programming hardware using dedicated circuit boards. All of our class activities encourage students to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.
    6th grade BIT will use Canvas to access all course content and curriculum. Click Here to access Canvas.

    7th Grade BIT

    At the 7th grade level of Business and Information Technology, students will be introduced to personal financial literacy. They will not only learn the basics of financial responsibility, but what it takes to achieve desired levels of success throughout their lifetime. The course begins with the cornerstone of personal finance: understanding your individual values, needs, and wants. From there, students will begin to build a "budget portfolio" and use real salary data from the Indiana Career Explorer website. The second half of the course will engulf students in the world of commerce. Common adult expenditures, saving/investing expenses, retirement, debit/credit cards, and financial security awareness are just a few of the key topics students will focus on in this course.
    7th grade BIT will use Canvas to access all course content and curriculum. Click Here to access Canvas.

    8th Grade BIT

    Business and Information Technology in 8th grade will focus on career-oriented topics. Students will work on developing their soft skills and establish a deeper understanding of their personal profile in relation to future jobs and occupations. This will include the fundamentals of career research (for both short-term and long-term personal objectives) as well as best-practices for building a strong financial foundation. Résumés, interview tactics, applications, and a variety of other forms will all be examined in this course. Every student’s goal is to have the skills and tools they need to obtain their first job in high school.
    8th grade BIT will use Canvas to access all course content and curriculum. Click Here to access Canvas.