• Welcome to Miss Jardine's room!  I am a 6th grade math teacher on the Stanford team.  We are going to have a very busy year.  There is a lot of rigorous work to do, but I am always available to help my students and answer all questions that you might have.  Please feel free to call or email anytime.  
    (317) 773-0782 ext. 264



    Daily Schedule:
    7:35-8:40      Period 1
    8:43-9:45      Period 2
    9:48-10:50    Period 3
    10:53-11:55  Period 4
    11:55-12:25  Lunch
    12:30-1:10   Diversified Arts
    1:15-1:55      Diversified Arts
    2:00-2:30      SLT 
    6th grade math:  Your child will be using the Course 1 SpringBoard math book.  The six units in this book are:  Number Concepts, Integers, Expressions and Equations, Ratios, Geometric Concepts, and Data Analysis.
    Bridges Math:  Your child will be using the Course 2 SpringBoard math book.  The six units in this book are:  Number Systems, Expressions & Equations, Ratio & Proportion, Geometry, Probability, and Statistics 
    Every week your child will be given a math weekly challenge.  These are 10 challenging problems.  This will be due on Friday.  Feel free to help your child at home.  They will earn full credit as long as they have shown their work and attempted all 10 problems.

    *Grading Practices:  My grades will be based on total points. By the end of the grading period, tests, quizzes and in-class assessments will account for 75% of a student's grade, and the remaining 25% will be based on homework and various in-class activities.

             If a student is missing an assignment it will be marked with an “M” for “Missing”  and entered as a "0" in Powerschool to draw attention to it. Parents will be contacted after the third missing assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to follow through with any missing work.

    To access the math textbook on-line, please go to the following website:


    The first time your child logs on, they will have to "register" at the bottom of student login.

    School ID 236945

    Username: your students school ID (lunch code)

    password: students computer password.