• Welcome to Mr. Atkinson's Physical Education Page   
     Classes meet for 40 minutes and rotate on a 4-day rotation schedule.  Your child will have Physical Education, Art, Music, and Computer Technology and meet ever 4 days.  If you child has P.E. on Monday, their next P.E. class will be on Friday.  The next week your child will have P.E. on Thursday, followed by the next week having P.E. on Wednesday.  and so on.  
     - Help improve the students overall level of fitness
    - Help students establish a positive attitude toward physical activity
    - Establish a positive and safe environment for all students
    - Create maximum opportunities for students of all ability levels to be successful
    - Guide students into becoming skillful and confident movers
    - Promote student honesty, integrity and displaying good sportsmanship
    - Help students to adopt a regular physical activity as part of their lifestyle.
    SAFETY IN P.E.  
    Appropriate footwear must be worn in each P.E. class to ensure your child's safety.
    Athletic shoes with laces or velcro are acceptable.  Crocs, boots, sandals, flip-flops, and dress shoes are some examples of what not to wear on their feet.  
    Please have your child wear athletic apparel or comfortable clothing which will allow them to perform stretching and turning upside down.  Dresses and skirts are examples of what may keep your child from performing all the activities.  
     If your child needs excused from P.E. for the day, please send written excuse from a parent or guardian.  E-mails are also acceptable.   Extended illnesses or injuries require a doctor's note explaining their limitations and when they can return to P. E.  
    Please direct any questions to Mr. Atkinson by calling the school or e-mailing me at doug_atkinson@nobl.k12.in.us