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Information for Mentors

Why Become a Mentor?

Hear the answer from some of Compass Mentoring's current Mentors!

"I am excited to partner with Noblesville Schools and Compass Mentoring. This program provides a safe place, structure, support, and resources while maintaining flexibility to meet students' individual needs. I especially love that it’s a strengths-based program focused on building authentic relationships. It’s an opportunity to be a sounding board and trusted resource, to share in celebrations and how to look for the good. It truly is a rewarding two-way street. It’s so fun when you see a connection that makes them light up or when you find that you have possibly gotten yourself cornered in a chess match with a third-grader who may be a prodigy. Mentoring is enriching for everyone involved." -Rob Bocko, Compass Mentor

"To make a positive impact in a child’s life is such a gift and as a Compass Mentor, I am so excited to celebrate every small stride, every positive interaction, and every little triumph with my student! I am so humbled and proud to be a part of a program that is making a difference in the lives of our students… literally one child at a time!” -Jill Patrick, Compass Mentor

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Building Developmental Relationships and Why That's Important

Compass Mentoring is about building strong developmental relationships by expanding students’ access to trusted, caring adults. Through the research at Search Institute, we have learned that developmental relationships are the roots of our young people’s success.  

Developmental relationships are important because they help young people:

  • Discover who they are.
  • Cultivate the abilities needed for them to shape their own lives.
  • Learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.

Mentor FAQ