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Information for Families

Why participate in Compass Mentoring?

A Compass Mentoring Parent Shares About Their Experience,

"The Compass mentoring program has been an absolute gift for my child! Though he was nervous at first, he looks forward to his mentor visiting, and they’ve even traded some chess strategies. Having a positive male role model in his life has been a blessing!"

And Research Agrees,

Each relationship in a young person’s life can help cultivate life skills and offer support. But, a strong web of multiple developmental relationships enhances opportunities for young people to flourish. Compass Mentoring expands students’ access to these strong developmental relationships.

Research confirms that when young people have strong relationships with trusted adults in addition to their families, they are more able to:

  • Overcome challenges
  • Engage in school
  • Thrive in life

What are Developmental Relationships and Why are They Important?

Search Institute explains that when young people experience developmental relationships in their families, schools, programs, and communities, they are more likely to be resilient in the face of challenges and grow up thriving.

Through developmental relationships, young people:

  • Discover who they are
  • Cultivate the abilities needed for them to shape their own lives
  • Learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them

Families FAQ