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At Noblesville Schools we take the safety of our students very seriously. Each school has a safety team that works with you to figure out the best plan for each student. If a student makes a threat during Miller Explorers, your student cannot attend Miller Explorers morning care, ride the bus to school, or go straight to class the next school day. Your student will need to meet with a member of the school safety team first thing the next school day.  If your student makes a threat during Miller Explorers afternoon care, you will receive a phone call from the Site Leader as well as a letter when you pick up your student.  

Miller Explorers is managed by Noblesville Schools, and the Miller Explorers employees are hired by Noblesville Schools. However, the Miller Explorers staff may not have the same training, and the program does not have access to the same specialized staff support that some students receive during the typical school day. If you believe your student may require specialized support for any reason (i.e. safety, counseling, therapy, behavior), please contact the Miller Explorers Coordinator to set up a meeting. Miller Explorers strives to provide an accommodating environment for our students. The Miller Explorers Coordinator will collaborate with the family and appropriate staff to create a success plan for your student prior to their first day in the program. Some students may need specialized support that cannot be offered in Miller Explorers. In order to ensure the safety and care of all of our students, it is imperative to discuss if a success plan would allow your student to participate in Miller Explorers or if an alternate childcare program would be a better fit for your student.