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English Language Learners


English Language Learners

Noblesville Schools provides equitable and inclusive instructional programming for hundreds of identified students whose dominant language is not English. Approximately 30 different home languages are spoken by our students and their families. The goal of English Language Learner (EL) instruction is to provide instructional support to enable students to participate fully in their educational experience and social lives in our community. The objectives identified for English learners are to develop both basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language proficiency.

Our EL collaborative teachers and instructors work alongside classroom teachers to assist students with developing proficiency in the language domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They work to develop competence in academic and social interactions, and to encourage participation in the full range of learning opportunities and experiences.


The mission of the English Language Program in Noblesville Schools is for all teachers to provide instruction and support in English language development to foster the academic development, linguistic, personal and social growth of English Language Learners.


To engage, inspire and empower English Language Learners development and proficiency of social and academic based language through equitable access to responsive instruction.


  • Develop competency in comprehending and expressing English. 
  • Collaborate with teachers in order to integrate language, cognitive, and academic instruction to ensure the continued development of English language proficiency and content area skills of students.
  • Familiarize students and parents to Noblesville School culture and school community and provide them with opportunities to engage in school events 
  • Ensure students that their culture is accepted, respected and celebrated within our school community
  • Support the learning of staff to ensure that English Learners receive the academic and social emotional support they need to be successful in NS. 

We are committed to ensuring that every student has what they need to succeed. To learn more, visit Noblesville Schools Diversity, Equity and Inclusion