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Solar Eclipse 2024

2024 Solar Eclipse Countdown
solar eclipse

Did you know it has been over 800 years since Hamilton County has had a total eclipse? A total eclipse is a wonderful opportunity to learn with your child. Noblesville Schools is excited to share resources and information about the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. Consider using these resources as a family in the days and weeks leading up to the eclipse as a way of building knowledge and memories together. 

Learn More about the Eclipse and Viewing Locations

Visit Hamilton County Solar Eclipse Site Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Hamilton County 2024 Solar Eclipse Viewing Times

Visit Indiana - Experience the Solar Eclipse in Indiana

Resources and Learning Activities

Sun, Earth, and Moon Model Craft 

Print this activity to create your very own model of the sun, Earth, and moon. 

Eclipse Facts and Games

Enjoy eclipse fun facts and apply your learning to some eclipse games for all ages.

Solar Eclipse Safety Poster

Check out all the ways you can protect yourself and view the 2024 eclipse safely. 

Hands-On Learning About the Eclipse

This list of interactive but uncomplicated activities for families has wonderful ways of bringing science content learning into family time.

"What is a Solar Eclipse?" 

This elementary focused website provides basic information about solar eclipses. Explore the resource with your child and have conversations about what you learn together. 

Indiana Eclipse Educational Booklist: Eclipses, The Sun, and the Solar System

A full book list of titles with content related to eclipses, the sun, and space for everyone from PreK-high school readers. For older students, consider checking out In the Shadow of the Moon: The Magic, The Science, The Mystery of Solar Eclipses." This book helps students grasp the role of eclipses and other astrological events on human culture and history, making a 3-minute event more significant in the eyes of a teen. Read with your child and have a conversation about your reactions. 

Video: "Why People Get So Excited About a Total Eclipse"

This video explains why total eclipses are such a special event. Before watching, ask your child why they think a total eclipse might be so special. Create a list of questions to come back to after watching together. Talk about the tips that the video suggests for ways of experiencing the eclipse. 

For Older Students: Mr. Eclipse

This wealth of eclipse information comes from a retired physics teacher. Learn about eclipses, challenge your child to read quotes about eclipses and create their own (under the "Potpourri" section) and learn about the best smartphone eclipse simulation apps. 

Total Solar Eclipse Q&A