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Social Studies

Noblesville Social Studies Grades 6-12


Philosophy of Social Studies Education

The aim of social studies education in Noblesville Schools is for learners to be advocates for a just, free, and equal democratic society. Learners will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to make informed decisions in a global environment. To learn more about the Noblesville Schools Social Studies program goals, program beliefs, and previous program review, see the documents linked below units of study. 

Units of Study

The units below represent the coursework required for students to successfully learn the Indiana Academic Standards for Social Studies, grades 6-12 and earn a Core 40 diploma. Elective social studies courses at the high school level are extensive; descriptions for these courses can be found in the Indiana Course Description Catalogue. Click on the Curriculum Overview Grades 6-12 tab to learn more about the design of these units. 

6th Grade Social Studies Units of Study
7th Grade Social Studies Units of Study
8th Grade Social Studies Units of Study
Economics Units of Study (9-12)
Geography and History of the World (9-12)
Sociology Units of Study (9-12)
Psychology Units of Study
United States Government Units of Study (9-12)
United States History Units of Study (9-12)
Program Goals, Philosophy, and Beliefs