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English Language Arts

English/Language Arts Units of Study, Grades 6-12

The middle school and high school English/Language Arts classroom is a place to sharpen written and spoken communication skills for a variety of audiences as well as read for deep comprehension and enjoyment. Students read whole-class novels, engage in book clubs, and are encouraged to read independently throughout the year in different genres. Classroom libraries and the media center are both critical in helping students find their interests as lifelong readers. Through the study of literature both classic and modern, students gain reading skills and a wider perspective of their world. 

Units of Study

The units below represent the coursework required for students to successfully learn the Indiana Academic Standards for English/Language Arts, grades 6-12 and earn a Core 40 diploma. Elective ELA courses at the high school level are extensive; descriptions for these courses can be found in the Indiana Course Description Catalogue. Click on the Curriculum Overview Grades 6-12 tab to learn more about the design of these units. 

6th Grade ELA Units of Study (Academic Only
7th Grade English/Language Arts Units of Study (Academic Only
8th Grade English/Language Arts Units of Study (Academic Only)
9th Grade English/Language Arts Units of Study
10th Grade English/Language Arts Units of Study
11th Grade Literature and Composition Units of Stud
12th Grade Composition Units of Study