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Curriculum Grades PreK-5

Understanding the Units - Content Curriculum Guides (PreK-5) 

Indiana Academic Standards define what a student should know, understand, and be able to do. These standards serve as a foundation for the curriculum but are not a curriculum on their own. The Indiana Academic Standards are supported through grade-level curriculum maps and a selection of core curriculum materials to support these maps. Below are instructions and information that may be helpful when reviewing Noblesville Schools content curriculum guides. 

When opening a specific content curriculum guide, there will be a brief summary of the grade level’s content standards as connected to the Indiana Department of Education as well as the core curriculum material utilized for that specific content area. From there, curriculum guides will provide information such as:

  • Unit of Study name
  • Approximate instructional window (Provides time for instruction, remediation/extension, and assessment) 
  • Student learning outcome for each unit of study
  • Focus Question/Essential Question(s) for each unit of study  

Important Terms

Units of Study are the specific units aligned to core curriculum materials adopted by Noblesville Schools to support the Indiana Academic Standards.

The approximate month(s) taught is a general estimate of when the unit may be taught in the school year. This timeframe may vary by building or classroom to support student needs.

Learning Outcomes give examples of the goals for student learning by the end of each unit.

Focus Questions give an overview of a guiding question(s) for each unit of study. 

Social Studies and Science are inquiry-based learning experiences and the Reflective Questions help to engage learners in asking questions and seeking more information about the topic being studied.

Additional Considerations

These content curriculum guides are meant to provide a comprehensive snapshot of teaching and learning across the year. Noblesville Schools teachers and staff work very closely with their grade level teams and subject area teams to discuss learning outcomes and make necessary adjustments in order to best meet the needs of our students. 

If you have further questions about what your child is learning, please contact your child’s teacher or school administrator.