Volunteer Noblesville

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    Please select the appropriate form below to begin the online volunteer application process. The volunteer application form may not display properly with certain versions of Internet Explorer. Firefox is recommended to users who experience any issues with Internet Explorer.
    Volunteer Access Levels
    • Level 1 Volunteer/Visitor: Volunteer application and formal background check are not necessary. No need to submit a form. Guests who are visiting office area and/or observing at a special event. Examples: Grandparents’ Day, Guest Speakers, Veterans’ Day Programs
    • Level 2 Volunteer/Visitor: Access to students during the school day under supervision of Noblesville Schools’ staff (Requires Limited Criminal History Background Check - No Fee) Examples: Lunch, Classroom Parties
    • Level 3 Volunteer/Visitor: This volunteer can possibly have direct and unsupervised interaction with children. (Requires National Volunteer Background Check - $12.95 Fee Applies) Examples: Field Trips, Classroom Volunteers