Welcome to Noblesville Schools Elementary Guidance Webpage!


On this website, you will find information about the district wide elementary guidance program.  Please feel free to browse the tabs on the left for more information about Parent Resources, Volunteer Opportunities, and Bullying Prevention. 

Elementary Counselors provide classroom guidance lessons, small support groups, and individual counseling.  You may contact your child's school counselor directly for more information about the guidance program at your child's school.  Contact information for each elementary school counselor can be found below.


Elementary Guidance Programs



BABES (Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies)  BABES

5-week program addressing topics related to peer pressure, self-image, decision-making, coping skills, substance abuse, and body safety



CHAMPS (Children Achieving a More Peaceful School)

Peer conflict mediation program


 Drug and Alcohol Education

Age appropriate guidance lessons to educate students on drugs and alcohol



Bully Prevention

Age appropriate guidance lessons to educate students on bullying


Second Step  
Second Step

Curriculum used to teach social skills.

   Units include:

o  Skills For Learning

o  Empathy

o  Emotion Management

o  Problem Solving


Kelso's Choices Conflict Management Program

Age appropriate guidance lessons to educate students on conflict resolution


Career Awareness

Age appropriate guidance lessons to explore the world of work


Community Partner Programs




 Dippy Dog Water Safety Program:

Water safety program for 1st grade provided by Noblesville Police Dive Team



Stranger Danger Program:

Stranger safety program for grade levels 1st and 3rd provided by Noblesville Police Department



Smart Steps: A Body Safety Program for Children:Chaucie's Place

Body safety program for grade levels 2nd and 4th provided by Chaucie's Place. 



CPR Creating Positive Relationships Program:

Personal hygiene and adolescent development program for 5th grade provided by Creating Positive Relationships.





Beth Dossey, Hazel Dell Elementary
(317) 773-2914 Ext. 22125
Donna Brooks, Hinkle Creek Elementary
(317) 776-0840 Ext. 24125
Lynn Cook, Hinkle Creek Elementary
(317) 776-0840 Ext. 24244
Terri Park, Noble Crossing Elementary
(317) 773-2850 Ext. 26215
Shantel Garrett, North Elementary
(317) 773-0482 Ext. 28125
Amy Shera, Promise Road Elementary
(317) 773-7060 Ext. 20125
Alexis Linn, Stony Creek Elementary
(317) 773-0582 Ext. 30125
Julie Williams, White River Elementary
(317) 770-2080 Ext. 32125