• Safety/ALICE Drills

    Providing a safe and secure learning environment for students is of paramount importance at Noblesville Schools.  How someone reacts during a crisis or emergency depends on how well they have been trained.  Safety drills at Noblesville Schools are held 4 times per year (state law is 2 times per year).  These drills are also sometimes call "ALICE drills."  The ALICE protocols provide options to students and staff when facing a threat or harm from an intruder.  The goal of this type of drills is to acclimate students andd staff with the course of action that is in place to best protect them, so they can react quickly and safely in an emergency.  These drills look different at each developmental level.  The staff at Noblesville Schools are aware that these drills can trigger physical or emotional responses in students.  Staff has been trained to look out for the mental health safety of our students when conducting these drills.


    Fire and Tornado Drills

    Fire drills are held monthly in each of our schools.  This requires students to evacuate the building.  Tornado drills are held once each semester.  During tornado drills, students and staff go to our designated safe shelter areas within our schools.