•  Mr. Ayres - Team Canaveral
    MATH 8
    2022-2023 Course Information (for PowerSchool)


    Note:  These policies are subject to change depending on the school status as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


    Each semester, grades in this class will be weighted and distributed using the following criteria:


    The following indicators in PowerSchool are used to flag practice assignments:

    ​  Assignment was ACCEPTED and collected.  (Only applies to assignments completed outside of class time)

    ​  Assignment is MISSING.  (Applies to assignments completed both in and outside of class time, and these assignments will also be marked with the code NHI)

    ​  Assignment was submitted INCOMPLETE and is not accepted (check Canvas Assignment Comments for more info and teacher feedback)

    ​  Assignment is missing due to an excused ABSENCE.  

    ​ Assignment was not submitted during the topic when due and it is now too LATE to submit the assignment for class credit.

    Assignments that are marked with an ES in the title are assignments that are included electronically from Canvas.

    Some assignments that are submitted carry a 1-week submission window, regardless of when they are submitted. 

    A comment will be added to each assignment score in which a student used a reward coupon.

    If a student earns below 50% on an assignment or assessment, PowerSchool will now automatically change the score on the assignment to the number of points equivalent to 50% of the points possible.  I will indicate the original score of assessments in the comment section of the PowerSchool entry.

    Retake information will be linked in assignment/assessment descriptions when available.

    Note:  Refer to the complete Class Policies document for additional course information.