• Information for Mentors

    Why Be a Mentor?

    Young people need to know that many people care about them. Their daily challenges can often make them feel like they aren’t seen or heard. Mentoring changes that. Research shows that a quality mentoring relationship can have a resoundingly positive impact on our young people’s lives. Mentoring positively impacts personal growth and development. Become a mentor to help students:

    • Enhance strengths,
    • Develop new skills, and
    • Increase self-confidence to
    • Make a difference in a young person's life.

    For all its benefits, unfortunately, one in three young people will grow up without having a positive mentor. Want to help change that? Become a mentor today:

    • 30-45 minute,
    • Biweekly sessions,
    • The length of at least one school year; and
    • Attendance at training, orientation, and events

    Apply today!


    What Are Developmental Relationships and Why Are They Important?

    Compass Mentoring is about building strong developmental relationships by expanding students’ access to trusted, caring adults. Through the research at Search Institute, we have learned that developmental relationships are the roots of our young people’s success.  

    Developmental relationships are important because they help young people:

    • Discover who they are.
    • Cultivate the abilities needed for them to shape their own lives.
    • Learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.


Mentor FAQ

  • What experience is required to become a mentor?

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