• Questions about the Pandemic EBT cards?

    The Family and Social Services Administration administers P-EBT cards. Click here for more information

    January-March issuance was paid in May to qualifying households. The April-June issuance will take place in late July. To qualify for either round:

    • Eligible for free/reduced lunch for the 2020-21 school year AND;
    • 100% Virtual learning OR;
    • Absent due to quarantine OR;
    • Absent due to COVID illness

    The Summer issuance of 55 days per child will be paid in August to qaulifying households. All free and reduced children from the 20-21 school year qualify. Cards will be reloaded not reissued. 

    The P-EBT cards will continue next school year. In order for cards and payments to destributed in a timely manor be sure:

    • A current and approved 21-22 free/reduced meal application is on file (and)
    • The mailing address listed for each of your Noblesville Schools students is correct in the parent portal of PowerSchool.