• COVID Data


    When a confirmed case of COVID-19 occurs, Noblesville Schools directly notifies all parents and staff in the impacted building, including contacting anyone who may have been directly exposed. In the interest of confidentiality, we do not release details about who has tested positive or direct contacts.

    If you are not notified as a direct contact, there is no increased risk of COVID-19 and no action required on your part. For more information on how Noblesville Schools determines direct contacts, visit our COVID FAQ page.

    Please note the following regarding Noblesville Schools COVID data: 

    • Data includes students & staff (in-person and learning online)                                             
    • Some cases include siblings/family members that may not attend same school                         
    • Some cases are related to same exposure/event outside of school                                    
    • Some cases have had zero contacts at school                                            
    • Direct contacts quarantine for 14 calendar days                                          
    • Data is updated weekly and reflects reporting as of 4PM on Friday                                

    Noblesville Schools COVID Overview Data

    For more information on how Noblesville Schools is managing COVID, please visit our Plan Protocols