• Academic Clubs: Spell Bowl, Academic Bowl, National History Day.  Academic Team and Spell Bowl competitions are hosted and attended by all middle schools in Hamilton County.  All teams come together for one night during the fall (Spell Bowl) and spring (Academic Quiz Bowl) seasons for a friendly competition amongst students.  National History Day has a regional Indiana competition in March.  All 3 of these clubs welcome students from all grades and abilities to participate!  


    • Spell Bowl Team is in the Fall from August through November and will meet during East Time and on certain days virtually. Students are given a list of words to study and practice.  There is a Hamilton County competition in November!  At the competition the judges will choose words from the list for the teams to spell correctly.  Students who love to read and creatively write are especially encouraged to participate!  Callouts for Spell Bowl will be September 1.


    • Academic Quiz Bowl Team occurs in the Spring from January through March and will meet during East Time and on certain days virtually.  Trivia topics include themes from all academic subjects, plus pop culture.  Students who are interested in general knowledge trivia are especially encouraged to participate!  Similar to the game show Jeopardy! groups of students will collaborate to answer questions provided by the judges to show who is the best and the brightest!  Callouts for Academic Quiz Bowl will be September 1, and again in January.


    • National History Day Club: National History Day (NHD) Club is an exciting opportunity for all students grades 6-8 who want the chance to independently explore any topic, person, or event in history!  History Day will meet during East Time and on certain days virtually.  Being on an athletic team or
      musical group does not prohibit you from being in this academic club as it meets throughout the year.  Students choose their own topic to be presented in one of 5 categories: Exhibit, Website, Paper, Performance, or a Documentary. This extra-curricular club begins in October and culminates in a regional competition in March to showcase your work amongst others in central Indiana.  Those who place high enough in their respective categories have the opportunity to move on to the State and even possibly the National competitions!  Callouts for NHD will be September 1.


    “History Day has been the vehicle that creates an understanding and appreciation of history while developing the necessary 21st-century tools, skills and aptitudes for a diverse student population.” 


    The sponsor is Mr. Vinton: douglas_vinton@nobl.k12.in.us