• Visitors and Volunteers 

    Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s school community. All visitors, including parents and community members, must provide a photo ID before entering the school building and report directly to the office. 


    School administration reserves the right to deny access based on certain circumstances such as lockdowns and other safety concerns. In order to ensure student safety, using the guidelines below, Noblesville Schools requires background checks for visitors and volunteers. Background checks need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to an event.


    New/Expired Applicants  

    If you are interested in joining our district as a visitor/volunteer or are re-applying after an expired background report, please click HERE.


    Arrest Alert

    All school visitors are required to have a comprehensive national background check on file that will include monitoring through our Arrest Alert system. This includes parents participating in field trips or field day activities, volunteering in the classroom, attending classroom parties or joining their child for lunch, or anytime there is interaction with students other than their own. 

    Arrest Alert will continuously monitor for arrests anywhere within the United States so that we can better evaluate visitor safety in between background check periods. Because of this enhancement, visitors will now renew background checks every six years, rather than every two years.



    Background checks cost $18.95* and need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to visiting the school/event. Some counties throughout the United States require fees for court records. If additional funds are needed, SafeVisitor Solutions will email you asking for the additional funds. The cost may vary from $1 to $99 per county. To pay the additional funds or to ask for additional information, you can call SafeVisitor Solutions toll-free number for assistance at (888)-215-8296.


    Current Cleared Visitors/Volunteers

    As is current practice, pre-registration and background screening will be required for visitors to the school office and to select schoolwide programs that are held during the school day (ex. Veteran’s Day programs.) Schools will provide additional details on this as events occur. 

    If you currently have been approved for a Level 2 background check, you will receive an email with a link to complete an application for a Level 3 background check.  This will be required if you want to volunteer or visit our schools for the 2021-22 school year. 

    If you currently have an active Level 3 background check, you will not need to renew your application until you receive a message alerting you that your background check is going to expire.


    We encourage all parents to actively participate in their child’s school community. Any families needing financial assistance with background checks should contact the HR/Safety Specialist, via email at