• JULY 2020 FAQs


    Will Athletics and Performing Arts Still be Offered? Can Students Doing Full-Time Online Learning Still Participate? 

    At this time, we will be carefully moving forward with athletics and performing arts, following guidance from the Indiana High School Athletic Association and the Indiana State School Music Association. Students may participate in athletics or extracurricular performing arts if they attend in-person or online classes through Noblesville Schools.

    When possible, athletics/performing arts will be outside or in larger spaces (for example, the auditorium at NHS). 

    Other extracurricular activities (such as clubs) will be conducted virtually when possible or may be suspended. 


    How Will the NHS Schedule Work? 

    NHS students who choose in-person learning will attend school on a 50% basis. Please refer to the NHS communication document for up-to-date information on how NHS scheduling will work for the upcoming school year.  


    How Will the Middle School Schedule Work? 

    Middle school students who choose in-person learning will attend school on a 50% basis. Please refer to communciations from your middle school for specifcs. 


    How Will the Elementary Schedule Work? 

    Elementary students who choose in-person learning will attend school every day. 


    Why are NHS and the Middle Schools Operating at 50% Capacity and Not Elementary Schools? 

    Due to the large variety of our secondary course offerings, our facility spaces, and the number of students who plan to return to school in person, a 50% schedule is needed at our middle schools and NHS to maintain smaller groups and limit exposure to others. 

    A full schedule is possible in our elementary schools due to smaller, isolated cohort groups in individual classrooms.


    Will There be Attendance Issues if My Child is Out for an Extended Illness? 

    No consequences will be assigned if students are absent due to illness or mandatory quarantine. Parents should continue to follow their school attendance reporting procedures if their child will be absent.  


    Does the Online Learning Platform for Grades 6-12 Meet State Standards? And Does it Provide Access to Honors Classes? 

    Edmentum courses are based on the same state standards as in-person courses. Advanced math courses, through Precalculus A/B are available. Other advanced courses are available on Indiana Online Academy, inlcuding several AP and dual credit courses. Counselors will work with students to create an appopriate schedule. 


    Will 8th Graders Learning Online Have Access to Spanish Instruction? 

    Yes. Spanish 1-3 are available with Edmentum. More information about Edmentum can be found at edmentum.com


    How Do I Pay for School Lunch? 

    No cash will be accepted in lunch lines, but cash will still be accepted in the office for prepayments. 

    Please note we will no longer be using PayPams and will be transitioning account balances to our new system at K12PaymentCenter.com for prepaid deposits. Beginning July 27, you can create a K12PaymentCenter account and view your child's lunch balance prior to school starting. 

    Free/reduced meal applications are available online here. Paper applications will also be available at any school or at the Educational Services Center. 


    Can My Child Use a Neck Gaiter Mask, Medical Mask, Disposal Mask, Etc.?

    Students should plan to have two masks that meet health guidelines as part of their back-to-school supplies. Cloth masks, neck gaiters, disposal masks, and medical grade masks are acceptable. Bandanas are not approved for use as a mask.

    If you need assistance obtaining masks, please contact your school counselor. The state will be sending us cloth masks and we will make them available as needed.


    How Will I be Notified if There's a Case of COVID at My School? 

    If a confirmed case of COVID-19 occurs in your school all parents and staff in the building will be notified, including specific communication with anyone who may have been directly exposed. Please do not rely on social media rumors as an accurate source of school information.

    A confirmed case does not necessarily mean a whole class or school will be impacted, as many of our new procedures (social distancing, assigned seating, cohort groups) are designed to support contact tracing and containment should a confirmed case of COVID occur.  


    What If My Child Is Ill?

    Anyone experiencing any symptoms of illness may be excluded from school buildings and events.  

    Noblesville Schools will observe the 100 degree temperature as the fever threshold for illness. Please contact the school nurse with concerns or questions about your student’s current health symptoms.  

    If a student or staff member exhibits only one potential COVID-19 symptom (other than a fever or loss of taste/smell), good judgement should be used regarding school attendance. 

    If the individual exhibits a (1) fever, (2) loss of taste/smell, or (3) two/more potential COVID-19 symptoms they may not attend school. 

    • If you believe these symptoms are related to a diagnosis other than COVID-19, a medical evaluation and note is required to return to school. With a diagnosis other than COVID, the individual may return to school with a medical provider’s note when they have been fever-free (without fever-reducing medicine) for 24 hours and deemed safe to return by the diagnosing medical provider.  
    • If there’s no alternate diagnosis, then the student will be isolated and out of school for a minimum of 10 days from the first day the symptoms appeared. Prior to returning to school after isolation, the individual must be fever-free for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medicine) and show improvements of all other symptoms. 

    If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID, they will not be able to return to school until all of the following conditions are met (1) out of school for at least 10 days, (2) all symptoms are gone, (3) fever-free (without fever-reducing medicine) for 24 hours.  

    Please contact the school nurse with questions regarding your student’s health status.


    What If Someone in Our House is Ill? 

    If a household member is referred for COVID-19 testing, all students living under the same roof should remain home from school until the findings of the COVID-19 test.  

    If a household member tests positive for COVID-19, all students living under the same roof will remain home from school for the 10-day quarantine period. 


    I Still Have Additional Questions.

    Be sure to review the return to school plan document, alphabetized by subject, to see if the information you're looking for is there. 

    If you still have further questions, please submit them here. We’ll share answers to your questions via a virtual event in July. 


    JUNE 2020 FAQs


    Will Instruction be in School Buildings or Online? 

    We will offer face-to-face, in-school instruction for students who are able to return to school. Online learning will also be available for students with risk-factor health issues or those who have immediate family members with health issues. 


    Will Social Distancing be Required? 

    We will practice social distancing when possible. Due to the size of our student body and our facilities it will not be possible at all times. In classrooms, student seating may be arranged to all face in the same direction, when possible, and will be spaced as far apart as possible. On buses, we will be placing one student per seat (siblings may sit together). At lunch, we will maximize available spaces for distancing.


    Will Masks be Required? 

    Staff and students PreK-12 will need to wear masks on the bus and while at school. There will be some exceptions such as eating lunch and outdoor recess, and may be exceptions during select classes/activities when staff and students are appropriately distanced from one another.

    Students should plan to have two masks that meet health guidelines as part of their back-to-school supplies. Cloth masks, neck gaiters, disposal masks, and medical grade masks are acceptable. Bandanas are not approved for use as a mask. Face shields will be used by some staff and students in certain situations.

    We will be providing all students a mask carrying clip to help keep masks clean and allow for easy on and off usage. 

    If you need assistance obtaining masks, please contact your school counselor. The state will be sending us cloth masks and we will make them available as needed. 

    We know that there are strong opinions about the use of masks. The Indiana State Department of Health cited up to an 80% reduction in COVID-19 transmission when masks are used by all and they are currently required in public spaces by order of Governor Holcomb.

    Students who will not wear a mask during the required times at school will need to utilize online learning at home. 


    I Don’t Want My Child Wearing a Mask. 

    We know that there are strong opinions about the use of masks. The Indiana State Department of Health cited an 80% reduction in COVID-19 transmission when masks are used by all, which is why we are requiring them for certain portions of the day. 

    This is especially important since some carriers of COVID-19 may not have any symptoms. Children, despite being generally less affected by COVID-19, expose school staff and adults at home who may be more at risk. Students who cannot or will not wear a mask during the required times at school will need to utilize online learning at home. 


    What Will be Different on School Buses? 

    As mentioned, there will be one student per seat (siblings may sit together) and masks will be required on buses. Also, parents must reserve a spot for their child to ride the bus and students will be assigned seats. Students will not be able to ride a friend’s bus home. 


    I Drop My Child Off at School. Will Anything Change? 

    We anticipate an increase in parents dropping students off at school. Some schools may need to assign staggered drop off times and/or change drop off locations to accommodate this increase. Your school will provide more details.  


    What Changes Will Students See in the Cafeteria and at Water Fountains? 

    Students may be assigned seating and will be spaced as far apart as possible. Masks will be required while picking up food in the cafeteria line. All students will be washing hands prior to entering the cafeteria and no cash will be used in lunch lines. (Cash will still be accepted for pre-payments.) 

    Students will be assisted by food services staff in the cafeteria line rather than picking up their own items. Food selections will be pre-wrapped and choices will be reduced. 

    All water fountains will be turned off and we will be using water bottle filling stations to provide students with access to water throughout the day. 


    What Changes Will be Implemented in School Health Clinics?

    There will be separate areas created in our health clinics—one for regular care and an isolated area for anyone who presents signs or symptoms of illness.  

    Parents will no longer be allowed to bring medications into clinics. If you need to provide medication for your child, a nurse will meet you in a designated area to handle this.  

    You can also expect to see changes in how we administer stocked medicines, the suspension of nebulizer treatments, and new criteria for staying home from school/returning to school, based on CDC guidelines.

    Please reach out to your school nurse if you have specific concerns regarding your child’s medical care. 


    What Changes Will be Implemented on Playgrounds and in PE Classes? 

    To limit exposure, classroom groups will play at recess within playground zones and will rotate through different play zones throughout the week. 

    PE classes are still being evaluated and more information will be coming at a later date.


    How Will the Online Learning Option Work?

    Online learning with a Noblesville Schools teacher will be available for students with at-risk health issues or those who have immediate family members with health issues. 

    To manage staffing and scheduling, students must commit to in-person or online learning for an established period of time and will not be permitted to move back and forth during this commitment. 

    Students in grades K-8 will have the option to select online learning for nine-week grading period sessions. 

    NHS students who are learning online will select that option for a semester at a time.   

    Grades K–5

    Students who do not attend school in person will be enrolled in online learning facilitated by a Noblesville Schools teacher via Canvas, our Learning Management System. Students will receive both virtual instruction (class meetings, small group, and one-on-one) and pre-recorded lessons that focus on essential standards in each core subject area (reading, writing and math). In addition, readings, practice exercises and other activities may be given. Students in grades 1-5 should expect 5 hrs of academic engagement and students in PreK and K should expect 2.5 hrs of academic engagement. 

    Grades 6–12

    Students who do not attend school in person will be enrolled in a software platform that provides online instruction. Their progress will be monitored by a licensed teacher, but course content will be delivered online through the software. In addition to online readings and practice exercises, instruction and assignments may include other activities such as video tutorials and projects. The time needed to complete coursework varies for each student but should be comparable to requirements for in-person learning. Some courses will not be available online. 


    Will Students Be Screened for COVID-19 Symptoms? 

    Parents need to be attentive to the daily health of their children and will be required to sign an expectation agreement indicating their commitment to ensure their child is symptom free and safe to attend school each day. This includes being fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. School staff will also be receiving professional development on how to recognize potential COVID-19 symptoms. No one should be in our buildings if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness. 


    What Will Happen if Someone Tests Positive for COVID-19? 

    If we have a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will follow direction from the Hamilton County Health Department. This may include closing a classroom, school or schools for a period of time and shifting quickly to eLearning at home for students who are impacted. Many of our new procedures are designed to support contact tracing should a confirmed case occur. This will assist the Health Department with quickly identifying and contacting individuals who may have been exposed. 


    Will Schools be Open All Year? Will These Procedures be in Place All Year? 

    The pandemic shifts rapidly and we don’t know what the rest of the school year may bring. If cases surge, schools may be ordered to close again, requiring all students to shift to online learning. If the situation improves, we may be able to abandon some elements of this plan and return to more normal operating conditions. 


    What Cleaning Enhancements are Being Implemented in Buildings? 

    We’ve stocked up on personal protective equipment, hand washing materials and cleaning supplies. 

    In addition to our regular cleaning, we’ll be disinfecting more often in common areas like hallways, cafeterias, bathrooms, playgrounds and buses, as well as high-touch surfaces like door handles and desks. We’ll also be using electrostatic disinfectants as needed in buildings and buses for intense after-hours cleaning. 

    We’re already meeting the Indiana State Department of Health’s recommended environmental steps to reduce indoor COVID transmission through humidity, air-conditioning, air filters, etc.


    What Social and Emotional Resources Will Be In Place as Students Return? 

    We recognize the importance of providing students and staff with extra social and emotional support as they return to school this year. Expect to see special welcome activities, extra time for building relationships and establishing new routines, and focus on coping strategies. 

    Our counselors, social workers and psychologists will be ready to assist students and staff in need of support. Additionally, school-based mental health professionals through Community Health Network will be available. We’ll be sharing additional resources throughout the year and you can find suggestions on the Parent Power area of our website. 


    What Can Parents Do Now to Ensure a Smooth Start to School? 

    We encourage parents to talk with, reassure and support their children about these changes, and the importance of social distancing and wearing masks. 

    • Allow your child to ask questions and answer them to the best of your ability. Find guidance here.
    • Explain the why behind wearing a mask and have your child practice wearing their mask. 
    • Read a story about returning to school such as Going Back to School or Welcome Back to School.
    • Follow recommended guidelines regarding masks and social distancing this summer to help prevent a future surge in cases that might impact the start of school. 
    • Help students get back into a normal schedule at least a week before school begins, such as reinstituting bedtime and wake up routines. 
    • Be sure that all your child’s immunizations are up to date, including newly required immunizations for students entering kindergarten, 6th and 12th grades. 
    • Stay in close communication with your school should your health situation or return plans change. 


    What Other Changes Can I Expect? 

    Unfortunately, we must restrict all school visitors to promote health, safety and social distancing. 

    Students and staff should not be in buildings if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness. 

    We’ll be reviewing our overall attendance policies for staff and students, as well as eliminating any attendance recognitions that could encourage attending school when not feeling well. More information on the specific attendance policy changes will be coming at a later date. 

    The pandemic shifts rapidly and we don’t know what the rest of the school year may bring. Other changes could certainly be implemented and we will be in close communication with staff and families as future decisions are made. 


    Where Can I Go for Mental Health/Social Emotional Support? 

    Crisis Support

    If you or someone in your home is experiencing a crisis there are numbers below that can help.  If someone is in immediate danger or there is a safety concern, please call 911. For all other crisis numbers and location visit: Crisis Resources

    Counseling, Therapy, Mental Health 

    Community Health Network is providing teletherapy services to students of Noblesville Schools.  If you are interested in your student receiving these services please contact Michele Whaley, Mental Health Coordinator of Noblesville schools at michele_whaley@nobl.k12.in.us or 317-773-3171 ext. 10623.  

    There are many mental health providers in the Hamilton County area. Please visit the following resources to learn more about therapy resources in your area. Short List of Therapy Providers by Specialty or input your zip code at https://lookupindiana.org

    Mental Wellness and Social Emotional Wellness Resources

    Common Anniversary Reactions to Trauma

    Summer Coping Plan Resource

    Tips for Parents during Covid 19

    How to Talk to Children about Difficult News

    Self Care for Children

    Expert Tips Coronavirus Anxiety


    What if I Don't Have Access to the Internet? 

    AT&T and Comcast are both providing two months of free internet access for families in need. 

    Additionally, Noblesville Schools is now providing hotspots and parking lot internet access (see below for more info).

    The Hamilton East Public Library is also offering internet access in their parking lot.

    Internet Access During Extended eLearning for COVID-19

    Internet Access During Extended eLearning for COVID-19 - Spanish Version


    How Do I Get Food Support? 

    Several community organizations are providing food assistance this summer. Information changes frequently so please contact the organization in question to confirm availability, requirements and schedules. 

    Visit https://www.in.gov/fssa/dfr/5768.htm for a list of all of the local locations serving food in our area. You can also google “fssa food map” and it will bring up this web page. 

    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can be applied for to help provide supplemental dollars for food. Visit https://fssabenefits.in.gov/bp/#/ to apply for benefit for google “indiana fssa apply for SNAP”

    Reduced meal applications for the 2020-2021 school year are available at millerscafe.org


    Hamilton County Food Resources

    Noblesville Youth Assistance

    Noblesville Youth Assistance

     White River Christian Church 

    1605 N 10th Street Noblesville

    Grace Church

    Food deliveries

    Merciful Help

    Food pantry 1045 West 146th St offering pick up & delivery. 

    Hamilton County Trustee

    Pantry is open Wednesdays & Thursdays 9-4PM. Families can visit once a week. 

    St. Vincent de Paul

    Open Wednesdays (10AM-1:45PM, 6:30-7:45PM), and Saturdays (9-11:45AM). 

    Third Phase 

    Open Tuesdays-Saturday from 1-5PM.

    Good Samaritan Network 

    May have other open pantry information (317) 842-2603

    Shepherd Center

    347 South 8th Street, Noblesville (317) 674-8777


    Where Can I Find Academic Resources? 

    Indiana Retired Teachers Association homework hotline open M-F 1-5PM (877) 457-8839

    Literary Resources

    Writing at Home

    PreK-grade 5 resources

    Conner Prairie resources

    Boys and Girls Club of Noblesville eLearning Enrichment 

    Indiana Dept of Education weekly challenges

    Downtime Part 1

    Downtime Part 2

    What Do I Do if My Child's iPad is Damaged? 

    If you have a damaged elementary school iPad, please complete this form. Middle and high school students should contact their building technology assistant for support. 

    Do I Need to Monitor My Child's iPad Usage? 

    Yes. We always encourage parents to monitor their child's technology use. Please note that students should not be creating their own Zoom video conferencing software accounts, only joining meetings as invited by their teacher. If students create their own account, they can be contacted by and connect with strangers, or have access to other students without teacher supervision. School iPads cannot access the App Store and school safety filters are in place at home. 


    What Do I Need to Know if my Child Brought Their iPad Home for the First Time?

    Your child should have also brought home a paper sheet explaining how to use the device on your home Wi-Fi. See the question above for other technology eLearning resources. 

    If your child was not at school Friday March 13, you can pick their iPad up at your school office on Monday March 16. If your child did not bring a cable home, and you do not have access to one, please call (317) 773-2130. All cables use a USB port that is compatible with Apple or Android devices. We do not have charging bricks for distribution. 

    As a reminder, school iPads cannot access the App Store and all school safety filters are in place at home. If you’re not comfortable with your child using their school iPad, you can have them complete their eLearning on a home, parent or sibling device, store the school iPad in a secure location, and return it when school resumes.


    Can I Disinfect my School Device? How?

    We encourage regular cleaning of your iPad/laptop.

    • Ensure the device is turned off and unplug all cables.
    • Clean the iPad/laptop screen using a small amount of alcohol on a microfiber cloth.
    • Do not use disinfecting liquids directly on the screen, including but not limited to Clorox or alcohol wipes. 
    • Clean the keyboard, including laptop keyboard, using alcohol on a cotton ball.
    • Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, or abrasives to clean technology. 
    • Learn more on how to clean all Apple products at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204172


    How Can I Explain Coronavirus to my Kids?

    Key Tips and Strategies

    DISCUSS the virus: Kids become more fearful when adults don’t address the obvious issues; parents learn facts and then share with kids in small doses – focus on honest facts that keep them safe

    DON’T ASK KIDS TOO MANY QUESTIONS, allow them to ask what they want to know. Listen and be reassuring

    BE MINDFUL OF YOUR SPEECH – your spoken concerns can become your child’s worries

    CREATE A NEW ROUTINE while school is out – discuss this new routine with your kids

    Read this comic strip (grades 5-12) explaining the virus with them. 

    Talking with children about COVID-19

    Talking to kids about Coronavirus

    Talking with kids and teens

    Talking with kids PBS

    BrainPOP grades 3-8

    Indiana State Dept of Health Parent FAQs


    Where Can I Get More Information and Resources? 


    Indiana State Department of Health 

    Parent caregiver guide to helping families cope

    Taking care of your behavioral health- social distance, quarantine

    Taking care of your family during Cornavirus

    Behavioral health resources

    Manage anxiety during Coronavirus

    Creating daily family schedule

    Is it COVID-19, flu, cold or allergies?

    Screen time in the age of COVID-19

    Family resources for school closures

    Media resources and tips

    Indiana Department of Education Continuous Learning Plan


    I Have A Question That's Not Addressed Here 

    Our administration building is closed to the public but we're still responding to needs. Contact us at (317) 773-3171 or email a district leader