Human Services

  • Grades: 11, 12

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during 7th and 8th Blocks

    Students will take the following courses at Noblesville Ivy Tech during the full school year:

    HUMS 101 Introduction to Human Services (3 credits)

    Explores the history of human services, career opportunities, and the role of the human service worker. Focuses on target populations and community agencies designed to meet the needs of various populations.

    HUMS 102 Helping Relationship Techniques (3 credits)

    Provides opportunities to increase effectiveness in helping people. Examines the helping process in terms of skills, helping stages, and issues involved in a helping relationship. Second in a series of three introductory human services courses.

    HUMS 103 Interviewing and Assessment (3 credits)

    Prerequisites: HUMS 101 and HUMS 102. Introduces and develops basic interviewing skills. Includes assessment strategies and treatment planning. Third in a series of three introductory human services courses.

    HUMS 155 Family and Community in Youth Work (3 credits)

    Examines stages of the family life cycle and interpersonal relationships among family members within a context of cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity. Recognizes impact of cultural variations in attitudes, values, language, gestures, and customs upon the family’s ability to function. Includes information about major racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Explores basic principles of working with groups and communities.