Criminal Justice


    Grades: 11, 12

    Students attend class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during 7th and 8th blocks

    Students will complete the following Ivy Tech courses during the full school year.  

    CRIM 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems (3 credits)

    An introductory and fundamental course that covers the purposes, functions, and history of the three primary parts of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. This course further explores the interrelationships and responsibilities of these three primary elements of the criminal justice system.

    CRIM 105 Introduction to Criminology (3 credits)

    Critically examines the history and nature of the major theoretical perspectives in criminology, and the theories found within those perspectives. Analyzes the research support for such theories and perspectives, and the connections between theory and criminal justice system practice within all the major components of the criminal justice system. Demonstrates the application of specific theories to explain violent and non-violent criminal behavior on both the micro and macro levels of analysis.

    CRIM 110 Introduction to Law Enforcement (3 credits)

    Introduces fundamental law enforcement operations and organization. Includes the evolution of law enforcement at federal, state, and local levels.

    CRIM 113 Criminal Investigation (3 credits)

    This course is a study of the elements and techniques of criminal investigations. Primary aspects include crime scene examination, collection of evidence and search for witnesses, developing and questioning suspects, and protecting the integrity of physical evidence found at the scene and while in transit to a forensic science laboratory. Procedures for the use and control of informants, inquiries keyed to basic leads, and other information-gathering activity and chain of custody procedures will also be reviewed.