Alternative PE Credit Classes of 2024 and Beyond

  • Beginning with the Fall of 2020, all students participating in an eligible sports or performing arts program will be automatically considered for receipt of one credit for Alternative PE II.  Students and parents should make sure to carefully review requirements to earn this credit.

    The Indiana State Board of Education has granted local school districts the flexibility of awarding students Physical Education credit that demonstrate proficiency through alternative means.  Students who demonstrate mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards for PE, as documented by a coach, sponsor, or director, and complete the online “Waiver Blended Wellness” course may be eligible for alternative credit for PE II.


    • An alternative credit for PE II must be earned prior to a student’s senior year. 
    • One credit for PE II will be awarded for a complete season of an IHSAA sport at Noblesville High School, another NHS-sanctioned sport approved by the administration, or select performing arts programs. Activities in the latter two categories include lacrosse, cheerleading, dance, guard, marching band, and the competitive show choirs: Sensations, New Dimension, and Singers. 
    • A complete season is defined as first practice to final event.  The student must remain on the active roster the entire season or the duration of the activity.
    • The student will participate regularly in physical activity, demonstrated by participation in at least 90% of group activities (injury free), or at least 66% if a major injury occurs. Either the NHS athletic trainer or a physician must document a major injury that prevents active participation.
    • Disciplinary suspensions from the activity may result in forfeiture of credit as determined by the coach, director, or sponsor and approved by an administrator.
    • Since credits will be earned based on mastery of the physical education standards, coaches, directors, and sponsors may choose to work with the student beyond the season until the standards are met.
    • At the conclusion of the season or activity, the coach, director, or sponsor will submit to the counseling office a list of students who are eligible to receive an alternative PE II credit upon completion of additional Wellness requirements. 
    • Once eligibility is confirmed, students will be enrolled in the “Waiver Blended Wellness” course during Semester 2.
    • A grade of A will be awarded to all students who meet both the physical and academic (Wellness) requirements for the alternative PE II credit. Failure to complete the academic component through “Waiver Blended Wellness” will negatively affect a student’s grade.





    Additional questions may be directed to the NHS School Counseling Department.