Noblesville High School has a Transportation Fee for all students participating in any activity that requires frequent transportation to and from competitions.  It is $50 per student, per season with no maximum per family during the school year. If you are on Free or Reduced Lunch, the fee is reduced accordingly.

    Please make checks payable to NOBLESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL. This is not part of your activity’s fees. DO NOT make checks out to Boosters or CPO.

    In order for your child to continue participating, the Transportation Fee is expected to be paid prior to each season. Students will not be allowed to participate at away contests if this fee is not paid. 

    If your student qualifies for free or reduced-priced meals, please bring in the letter you received stating your student’s lunch status. If you are on Reduced Lunch then you will pay a reduced fee. If you are not sure if your student qualifies for meal assistance, please call the Educational Services Center at (317) 773-3171.

    If you do not qualify for free or reduced lunch, you must complete and sign the form and return it to your student’s director or Holly Leib in the Music Department Office. The form is also available in the NHS Music Department Office.

    Please click on the link below to print the invoice for your student's activity.

    Please direct any and all additional questions to Holly Leib at (317) 773-4680 ext. 12242 or holly_leib@nobl.k12.in.us.  If not, then we will expect payment to be made in full by the first date of travel. Please be aware, after this time your student will not be eligible to participate in any remaining events until the fee is fulfilled.