• English Language Learner Education

    The EL Program at Noblesville Schools is designed to fit the diverse needs of our English Language Learners at each step of their academic journey. At each grade level, EL instruction is designed to align with students' academic English language development through listening, reading, writing and speaking, as well as content area class standards. 



    EL Collaborative teachers support each of our seven elementary schools. The EL Collaborative teacher assists teachers with English Language Learners in the classroom. English Learners are clustered in classrooms to best support students through a collaborative effort. All teachers are considered language teachers, and therefore, learning how to best service ELs in the classroom and English Language Development is required by all.

    Middle School

    The middle school EL Collaborative teacher services both NEMS and NWMS, while an EL instructional Assistant at each building assists teachers and English Language Learners. EL students are placed in teams so that the students can be better serviced by a collaborative team of content area teachers, the EL collaborative teacher, and the EL Instructional Assistant. Services are push-in with time set aside for close collaboration between the EL Department and the teachers. Teachers receive ongoing support in providing instruction that is tailored to the needs of the EL students. Each school has an EL Resource class in place for each grade reserved for newcomers.

    High School

    Entering and emerging ELs receive intensive small-group language instruction through both push-in and pull-out services. Advanced ELs participate in mainstream classroom experiences with accommodations and modifications put in place from the collaboration between the EL Collab Teacher, the EL Instructional Assistants, and the content area teachers. Collaboration is an essential skill for all teachers in order to engage our diverse student population. NHS also provides classes designed for our ELL students' needs. All classes are taught by the EL Collaborative teacher with the assistance of the EL Instructional Assistants.  

    Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency

    Indiana recognizes students for their achievement in becoming bilingual and bi-literate. Students who meet specific criteria can graduate from high school with the “Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency” designated on their transcript. This indicates that they have attained a high level of career language proficiency in one (or more) languages beyond English.

    This designation provides:  

    • Formal validation of an Intermediate High level of proficiency that benefits both world language and English Language Learner students. 
    • For university-bound students, the Certificate will be noted on a student’s transcript.
    • Provides students entering the workforce with a confirmation of their linguistic skill set. 

    Students must:

    • Earn 8 credits in English/Language Arts
    • Pass the English/Language Arts Grade 10 ISTEP Exam 
    • Earn 6 credits in a Single World Language OR Pass an approved external assessment in a World Language at an Intermediate High level of Proficiency (ALTA exam or AP exam)