• College and Career Readiness

    What is College and Career Readiness (CCR)?  

    Having the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in postsecondary education and future career opportunities (Indiana Deparment of Education).  

    College and career readiness begins with our youngest of learners. It involves self-concept and awareness, career awareness and exploration, acquiring work skills and career planning. The Noblesville school counseling program seamlessly spans the full career advising and development continuum from elementary through graduation. Elementary students begin their journey through career awareness activities and lessons. In middle school, students continue to explore the world of work and begin planning for the education and training required in types of careers in which they are interested.  As students enter high school, career exploration continues and preparing and planning become a priority as students near graduation. 


    Learn More Indiana is here to help you achieve the goal of finding the career of your dreams through getting the education you need. It's never too early to start

    Know How 2 Go is designed to encourage students to prepare for college 

    21st Century Scholars

    Indiana Career Ready: IN Demand Jobs focus on high-demand, high-wage jobs for today and tomorrow.

    National Career Clusters Framework represents more than 79 Career Pathways to help students navigate their way to great success in college and careers