• Welcome to the Parent Section for our data privacy and protection information. You will find resources for you and your students to better understand what the school does to protect the information we collect and more information for what you can do at home to better protect you and your family.


  • For a list of all information collected by NS to register a student click the link below.
    NS Collected Information

    For a list of NS Approved Software and Digital Resources that use Student Data or Directory Information click here.

    For a list of employee permissions by data set in PowerSchool, please click on the link below.
    Permission to Data

    To see the Student Privacy Pledge click the link below.
    Privacy Pledge

    To see the Terms of Use Noblesville uses for all vendors that are not a part of the Student Privacy Pledge click the link below.
    Terms of Use

    For a list of questions we ask our on-line providers before a contract is signed click the link below.

    Cloud Provider Questions Contract Terms

    To see the NS Data Privacy Plan click the link below.
    NS Data Privacy Plan

    NS Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence