• The Substitute (Guest) Teacher application is open. Please apply and you will be contacted. Applications are being considered for the next training being held on Thursday, November 16th. Additional trainings are conducted monthly and updates will be posted on this page.

    Please choose APPLY in order to begin the application process.

    Please be sure to include a valid e-mail address.  If your application is being considered, you will be notified by e-mail of upcoming interview sessions.  

    Necessary Documentation:

    ·       High School diploma

    ·       A Substitute Teacher Permit or valid Indiana Teaching License/Certificate

                  Instructions for obtaining a permit will be given during the interview process.

    ·       Two letters of recommendation are required and should be attached to your application or emailed to Mrs. Cindy Hartline.


    **A background check must be completed prior to hire.  Minimum cost is $32.60 for certified/ $28.65 for classified.**


    If you are selected to join our substitute teacher team, you will be required to attend a training/orientation session before accepting any teaching assignments. In addition, Alice training is offered monthly and you are required to attend one session within 3 months of hire.


    Please note, in order to be a Guest Teacher at Noblesville High School, we require that a minimum of 4 years have passed since receiving your high school diploma.


    We appreciate your interest in Noblesville Schools!