• Please note that all apps, software and subscribed web resources that collect student data must be pre-approved by the Technology Department (free or paid). A list of approved software and we tools approved by NS are located by clicking the link below. If you'd like to use a new digital resource, please follow the approval procedure listed below. 

    Digital Content/Tools Approval Process

    Step 1 - A school or staff member finds new digital content/tool that collects student data or requires accounts to be created. 
    Step 2 - School/staff member fills out a proposal request via the NS helpdesk. 
    Step 3 - Using the NS digital content/tool evaluation process, Digital Content Manager vets proposal - denies or brings to council. 
    Step 4 - Digital Content Council reviews proposals. Review process includes: existing tools, budget, interoperability guidelines, curricular need, legal (FERPA, COPPA, etc.)
    Step 5 - District approves/denies app, software or web resource use. 
    Step 6 - If appropriate, purchases app, software or web resource. 
    Step 7 - Development of implementation plan, training, expectations, etc.

    Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to open the Find box and search for a product or other criteria.

    NS - Approved Technology Resources