• wida

    Overview of WIDA

    • WIDA provides language development resources to those who support the academic success of multilingual learners. WIDA offers a comprehensive, research-based system of language standards, assessments, professional learning and educator assistance. WIDA’s trusted resources are used by 41 domestic states and territories and more than 400 international schools throughout the world.


    Can Do Philosophy

      • WIDA believes that everyone brings valuable resources to the education community. Children and youth who are linguistically and culturally diverse, in particular, bring a unique set of assets that have the potential to enrich the experiences of all learners and educators. Educators can draw on these assets for the benefit of both the learners themselves and for everyone in the community. By focusing on what language learners can do, we send a powerful message that children and youth from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds contribute to the vibrancy of our early childhood programs and K–12 schools.