• Solutions to Common Issues

    Notability for iOS

    My subjects and dividers disappeared.

    In Notability 8.0 and later:

    1. Open the Library, the screen that lists your notes.
    2. Tap the "( i )" near the bottom left corner.
    3. Triple-tap the "Support" button.
    4. Tap "Recover Subjects".

    My notes disappeared after I enabled iCloud syncing.

    If your notes disappear when you enable iCloud syncing, there was most likely a small glitch. We believe we know why this happens, and we aim to release a fix soon. For now, these steps should restore your notes:

    1. Turn Notability's iCloud syncing feature off.
    2. Tap "Keep on my iPad" from the prompt that appears.
    3. After your notes reappear, you can turn iCloud syncing back on. The second upload should proceed smoothly.

    I can't make a new subject.

    If you make a subject while using an external keyboard, the subject's colored dot might appear without letting you type a name for the subject. We're looking into this, but these steps should offer a solution in the meantime:

    1. Open your device's Settings app.
    2. Go to "General > Keyboards".
    3. Turn on the "Shortcuts" toggle.