iPad - Tips & Tricks

  • My Logitech keyboard case will not charge?

    Sometimes the case will not charge when plugged into a power cord. Please ensure you are using the square charger issued to you by the school. While plugged in hold the home button and power button at the same time until the apple appears on the screen. Once the iPad is done booting up you should be able to use your school-issued Apple charger and cord to power your device.

    What should I do if I forgot my device passcode and can't get into my iPad?

    First, do not panic. If you have made an attempt to enter in what you thought was your passcode, but it does not open your iPad...STOP continuing to enter in random numbers in hopes of unlocking your device. Too many attempts will disable your device and it may be more difficult to unlock the iPad. If your device gets disabled and the tech cannot remove the passcode he/she may end up having to restore your device which will delete any unsaved data from the iPad. Once you have made 1 or 2 attempts, and you are sure you cannot remember, take the iPad to the tech office. They have a greater chance of clearing the passcode if the iPad is not disabled.