Canvas - Tips & Tricks

  • What should I do if I can't submit or transfer a file in Canvas App?

    If the Canvas app does not let you submit a file or move a file into Notability or any other third-party application try using Canvas Web to do the transfer or submission.

    What if Canvas will not let me sign in?

    Make sure that you are accessing and you are not connected to the Guest WiFi. When connected to the correct Canvas page you will need to enter in your Student ID and Network Password.

    How can I set up the Canvas Parent App?

    Parents can create a parent Canvas account for their student. Please click the following link to get more detailed information: Creating a Canvas Parent Account

    How can I get a Pairing Code to observe my Student?

    Canvas has created a unique way to pair a student Canvas account with their parents. Previously, the parent would need to know the username and password for their student in order to add them to their parent account but now you just need a unique pairing code which the student creates in their Canvas account. Please click the following link to get more detailed instructions: How to Pair with a Student in Canvas