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    Google Suite (G Suite) for Education is the leading productivity platform in education, providing cloud-based document collaboration & file sharing, calendar, email, & more. Google develops its services to be device agnostic, this means that their services are available in some form whether using a Mac, PC, or mobile device.

    How is G Suite for Education different than my personal Google account?
    Noblesville’s terms of service with Google provides a higher standard of privacy to our students and staff. Google does not serve ads to our users, nor does it search our Gmail for marketing purposes. Data that Noblesville stores in G Suite for Education is owned by Noblesville, not Google, and user data is treated as confidential by Google.


    We support the use of YouTube on student devices and are working to improve our safety filters that keep students on educationally appropriate videos, and allow teachers to manage what videos are accessible to students. Currently, YouTube is filtered at school through restricted mode, safe search queries, and the Apple Classroom App. While YouTube is filtered at home through restricted mode, our preventative measures are less effective outside of our network and require parent supervision of student use.
    Read reviews of YouTube's most popular channels for kids, and learn more about the video service, including ways to make it safer, what to do if your kid wants their own YouTube channel, and how to find quality content.