• Noblesville Schools

    Special Education Department


    Behavior Assistance Team (Mosiacs)

    Noblesville Schools' Special Education Department provides opportunities and services for students whom are experiencing challenges participating in their educational environment.  All schools participate in Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) which set a positive culture for following rules and doing the right thing during each school day. When students need support staying on track there are several alternative programs designed to continue the student’s academic progress while addressing behavior/emotional challenges with an intensive intervention plan.  Programs range from counseling by our licensed counselors to intense intervention programs designed to empower each student with the skills, strategies, resources, and self evaluation-monitoring abilities to successfully participate in a diverse environment.  There are times when community partners are a part of the team including doctors, psychiatrist, social workers, educators, behavior specialists, administrators and family members’ with the goal of successfully transitioning the student back to a successful general education environment.  To learn more Mosiacs