• Noblesville Schools
    Special Education Department


    Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities, ED

    Noblesville Schools’ adaptive educational program supports students who exhibit social, emotional or behavioral functioning that adversely affects their success in school.  Success in school is measured through each student's academic progress, social relationships, individual classroom management, self-care and vocational skills.  The core of the Adaptive Education program involves Milti-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in the general school environment.  MTSS involves the entire school/community.  MTSS correlates with the theme that it takes a village to raise a child.  For more information on MTSS

    When students are not able to maintain social relationships due to medical or environmental concerns there are programs in place that provide structure and stability for students in all school environments.  The level of support provided is determined by individual needs and agreed upon by the case conference committee.  Noblesville Schools also collaborates with outside agencies to provide intense therapeutic services at locations inside and outside of the school district based on individual student needs.

    The Special Education Department provides a Behavior Assistance Team (BAT) that collaborates with families and staff members to provide supports for students, staff, and parents via consulting, direct observation, staff coaching, Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), Behavior Intervention Planning (BIP), intervention implementation and program development. The mission of the Noblesville Schools' Adaptive Education program is to provide students with the independent coping and self-advocacy skills that will allow them to have success in the their college/career endeavors beyond Noblesville Schools.                                             For additional information see Emotional/Behavioral Program pdf.