• Noblesville Schools
    Special Education Department
    Early Childhood
    The Noblesville Schools’ Early Childhood Program provides learning experiences to children ages three (3) to five (5) years old.  The Early Childhood Program aligns with the district's mission and vision to provide every student the opportunity to develop skills, habits and attitudes necessary for success in career and life.  Students that have learning challenges are provided a nurturing learner-centered environment where they are actively engaged in developing age-appropriate skills, fostering communication, critical thinking, problem solving, social skills and digital citizenship.  The Early Childhood program is the first step in preparing our students for the world of college/career endeavors.  To learn more visit our page on the department's website: Early Childhood
    service that is provided in collaboration with Hamilton-Boone-Madison Special Services is the Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT).  The team provides educational evaluations that are administered to measure students age appropriateness in the areas of academics, behavior, social skills and physical skills.  If you have a student with a suspected learning challenge please contact the Early Childhood Assessment Team at (317) 984-1653.  If your child  is under the age of three (3), or will not be turning three in the coming six (6) months, please contact First Steps at (317)257-2229. For more information ECAT